A Quick Guide About Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets were initially designed as a functional item. However, today along with its functionality it has become a fashionable item which is used to decorate one’s home. The cabinet comes in different colors and models. Having a cabinet in your kitchen will change the entire look of your kitchen instantaneously. When it comes to… Read More »

Preparing and Installing High Gloss Acrylic Kitchen Splashbacks

The latest trend in interior design, high gloss kitchen splashbacks are a colourful and modern alternative to glass splashbacks offering a flawless and long lasting finish. The high gloss is created by a layer of clear acrylic which is coextruded over a layer of coloured acrylic. The remarkable light admittance of the clear acrylic allows… Read More »

Hotel Kitchen Requirements

Hotel kitchens are not the same as domestic kitchens and their requirements can differ to other professional catering scenarios. The demands on a hotel can be extreme and failing to equip or fit out a busy kitchen can lead to disaster and lead to unhappy guests and poor revenue. Catering is just as important a… Read More »

Kitchen Remodeling: Things to Keep in Mind

The kitchen is the hub of your home. It’s not just a place where one can prepare food, but a place to entertain your guests, keep modern kitchen appliances, store food and eat meals with the family. Hence a kitchen must be designed in a way so as to serve all these purposes while also… Read More »

Kitchen Island Furniture – The History

The interest in kitchen island furniture has grown steadily over the last three decades, since about the 1970s they have been popular. In the last 10 years, with the rise in popularity of television channels like the food network many people have become more and more interested in how they can use their kitchen in… Read More »

Are Modular Kitchen Cabinets a Smart Purchase?

Let’s be honest. In a perfect world, one would always opt for custom-made and custom-fitted kitchen cabinets designed and installed by a professional artisan. No one would even think of trying to remodel a kitchen with pre-fabricated, modular kitchen cabinets. The custom cabinets would offer so much more than the modular versions. They’d be designed… Read More »

Benefits of Modern Commercial Kitchen Equipment

If any food company decides to introduce modern kitchen equipments in its system then it has a wide range of options available to improve its performance. It is quite natural that commercial kitchen equipment will be technologically far better than the one which are used in domestic households. The best examples of the places where… Read More »

How to Find and Install Used Kitchen Cabinets

Remodeling your kitchen is one of the biggest decisions that any homeowner makes. Beyond being a very expensive decision with costs often in the tens of thousands of dollars, the kitchen is an important family space where many families come together. The most important and most expensive aspect of any kitchen remodel is the cabinetry.… Read More »